Shopping Cart

How can I add products to the cart?

Simple. You can do this in several ways:

Step 1: By browsing the products of the category by choosing the category whose products you want, a list of the products of that category will appear to you in the table of each product in a row in that table, each product has a service to add to the basket through the Add to cart button .

Step 2: You can add the product to the cart by browsing the page of product, then after that you will find on the side of the page the prices and quantities of the product and you can add the product to the cart in the quantity you want by clicking on the Add to the cart button .

How can I access my shopping cart?

Through any page on the site at the top of the page you will find an icon for the shopping cart, click on it and then click on the cart view button

Operations you can do on the shopping cart page
- can update products quantity .
- can delete one or more from these products.
- can delete all of these products.
- can add other products, through clicking on add items button.
- can print all of these products with details , through clicking on print cart button.
- can export all of these products to excel sheet , through clicking on export cart button.

* If you want to access shopping cart click Here